---------------- Refund and Cancellation Policy -----------------

Royalb2b's platform allows Customers to post questions to Experts in subject-matter categories, facilitates communication with Experts via chat, emails and online message boards, and enables delivery of answers to your questions, among other services ("Site Access Benefits"). Customers on the Site may be presented with one or two payment models: (1) pay-per-question model, and (2) subscription model. .

Pay-Per-Question. With the pay-per-question model, you select the price that you are willing to pay for the Site Access Benefits related to a single question. Once you have selected the price and submitted your payment information, your question may be posted on Royalb2b. Customers are charged in one of three ways depending on the payment course, as described on the payment page: (i) when the question in posted, (ii) at the time an Expert responds to the customer's question, or (iii) $5 upon the posting of a question with the remainder charged at the time an Expert responds.

Subscription. Subscriptions allow Customers to receive Site Access Benefits for multiple questions on the Site for a monthly or other-period recurring fee. The fee is automatically charged to the Subscription Customer’s payment source provided on the Site and placed in the Customer Payment Pool (account of all Subscription Customers’ payments). At the end of each payment period, any portion of the Royalb2b Subscription fee remaining in the Customer Payment Pool will be paid to InfoSmartServe as compensation for the Site Access Benefits to which you were entitled during the payment period.

Experts are ineligible to participate in the Royalb2b Subscription as are their immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling and spouse or "step" of each) and those living in the same households (persons, whether related or not, who lived in the same residence as an Expert for at least three (3) months during the twelve (12)-month period preceding the start of the Royalb2b Subscription). If you agree to a subscription offer and then later agree to a different subscription offer, then the terms of the later selected offer will apply and your earlier subscription will be cancelled. Refunds, Cancellations, Abuse and Special Programs. Royalb2b takes customer satisfaction seriously. For Pay-Per-Question Customers, in the rare instance that no professional responds at all to your question or you do not accept an answer and request a refund within thirty (30) days, you agree that your payment may be retained by Royalb2b in consideration for access to the website. For Subscription Customers, you may cancel your subscription anytime from the "Account" page which you can access from the header of the website. On the "Account" page, click "Cancel Subscription" and our system will cancel your subscription and stop recurring subscription charges. You may also cancel your subscription by contacting Customer Service by email at info@Royalb2b.org. If Royalb2b believes, in its sole discretion, that any funds were earned under suspicious circumstances or that funds were derived from a suspect account, Royalb2b will continue to investigate the situation until an adequate resolution has been reached, as determined by us, and which may require the involvement of certain third parties, including any applicable credit card company. Royalb2b will make commercially reasonable efforts not to exceed a ninety-day (90) hold on your account as we and/or a third-party investigate. Royalb2b maintains the right to initiate special incentive pricing, membership, and other programs. These may be limited, at Royalb2b’s sole discretion, to defined and limited Users or non-Users. Any promotional monies or credits placed into Customer accounts by Royalb2b for use towards answers on the Site remain the property of Royalb2b (they never become the property of Users and never become refundable to the User), and unless otherwise stated on the Site or in an email to a User, will be usable only for thirty (30) days.